This album was conceived as a vehicle to bring my sister Mary, her husband Eric, her son Scott and myself together for a family musical creation-thus its name, Relativity. It was also an opportunity for me to document some of my original compositions.

It was gratifying how well this CD turned out considering its home-grown origins. We made the live recordings in Mary's home rehearsal/teaching studio in three days, using a borrowed ADAT digital tape recorder (thanks to Larry Walker), borrowed recording microphones (thanks to Tim Taylor) and her beautiful Yamaha C7 Grand Piano. The rough recordings were mixed and mastered thanks to the generosity of my friend Jerry Stucker.

I borrowed a digital camera (thanks to Gene Farley) to make some altered images of the musicians. The CD cover is a detail abstraction from one of my photographs, Red Tulips. I designed the rest of the album graphics using my trusty Photoshop software and we were ready to go.

Selections on this album have been played on various radio stations around the country.

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