The images in the following portfolios have been amassed in the course of a journey of artistic self awareness that began in the early 1990s.

Because it was and still is a journey, my work documents some of the roads and by-ways traveled during its course, both literally and figuratively. The photographs reflect my interests at the time they were made and as such, are barometers of my growth as an artist.

A camera is an instrument that literally records the scene in front of the lens. Unlike the painter, the photographer must make choices based on the nature of the very real images before him. To me, the subsequent choice made will make or break a photograph. I always take it as a challenge to try to "fool" the camera, to try and record a scene that was perhaps missed by the eye. I'm intrigued with the manipulation of light and shadow and their relationship with the subject matter at hand.

I have included some statements with these portfolios to help illuminate some of my thoughts regarding the work. Some were artist statements from exhibitions of mine; some are just comments.

The images in this site are digital reproductions of my photographs. The actual prints of these images are carefully hand printed, as are all my photographs, to gain the maximum latitude of the subject matter.

Wayne Fettig

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